Scent of Danger by Wendy Vella

March 13, 2018

Scent of Danger by Wendy Vella


My Rating: 5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: Sinclair and Raven #4
Publication Date: March 30, 2018

She believes in duty, not love….
As the illegitimate sister of the Duke of Raven, Emily knows only too well how society judges a woman like her, and what a debt of gratitude she owes her family. She also knows the vital importance of maintaining independence, and how cruel fate can eclipse good intentions anytime. Certainly she’s not going to let her head or heart get fooled by the devilishly annoying Cambridge Sinclair, her family’s protector, and London’s notorious rake… who also happened to save her life… more than once.

He’s a reformed rake seeking redemption….
Cam has been intrigued by the mysterious Miss Emily Tolly for years, even though theirs is a turbulent relationship. With her family and others, she’s shy and timid, but with him, she’s anything but. He knows this kitten has claws beneath the quiet exterior and a whole lot of other secrets she’s hiding. But her passion and intelligence draw him irresistibly to her, so when he’s given the opportunity to rescue her once again, he grabs it with both hands. This rescue, though, takes the form of a hastily arranged marriage, which Cam enters into willingly for her sake and her family’s. What he doesn’t count on is the closer he and Emily get, the stronger their passion burns, and Cam finds himself wanting not just her body, but her heart too.

A destiny written in the stars
It was meant to be a dutiful betrothal from the start, but it soon becomes something more. As Emily sees the real man beneath the roguish reputation, her carefully guarded heart begins to believe and hope. Dare she trust the one man who could destroy her?

*All books in this series are standalone stories with an HEA.

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I love this series of the Ravens, and Sinclair’s, the legend goes back to the 1300 hundred, when the a Sinclair saves The Duke of Raven, henceforth, by order of the King, they were to become protectors of all future Ravens. The legend still holds, in England in 1816. 

The current Duke of Raven is married to a Sinclair, as is his half-brother, Max. The entire family lives on a block in the City of London. The older Sinclair’s take care of their  younger brother, and twin sisters. They are so precious, you truly wish that you too, could be in this close family.

The Duke of Raven, James, had not long ago found a half-sister, born on the wrong side of the blanket, Emily. She has so many secrets that she continues to hold onto, in spite of the love , her brother has shown her. Emily is grateful, she is loving toward the families,except for Cambridge, Cam, to his family. They argue every time they are in the same room together.

This is witty, loving, a bit of danger, that could devastate the two families, before it has time to begin. I am a huge Wendy Vella fan, because of heart warming books, just like this one.

I highly Recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!