My Once And Future Duke by Caroline Linden

March 6, 2018

My Once and Future Duke by Caroline Linden


My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Pearls
Series: The Wagers of Sin
Publication Date: February 27, 2018

What happens at the infamous Vega Club . . .

Sophie Campbell is determined to be mistress of her own fate. Surviving on her skill at cards, she never risks what she can’t afford to lose. Yet when the Duke of Ware proposes a scandalous wager that’s too extravagant to refuse, she can’t resist. If she wins, she’ll get five thousand pounds, enough to secure her independence forever.

Stays at the Vega Club . . .

Jack Lindeville, Duke of Ware, tells himself he’s at the Vega Club merely to save his reckless brother from losing everything, but he knows it’s a lie. He can’t keep his eyes off Sophie, and to get her he breaks his ironclad rule against gambling. If he wins, he wants her—for a week.

Until now.

A week with Jack could ruin what’s left of Sophie’s reputation. It might even cost her her heart. But when it comes to love, all bets are off . . .


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I love this story! I like Jack, The Duke of Ware, who is stuffy, works hard, keeps his estates running smoothly, keeps everyone fed,clothed, housed, and tries to keep his Mother happy, his younger brother from ruining himself, and the Title from going bankrupt! His brother Phillip, has racked up a 2 thousand pound debt at Vega, a very exclusive gaming club, that allows ladies, not lightskirts, ladies who wish to gamble.

There is one lady in particular, Mrs. Sophie Campbell! She lost her parents, when she was 12, they were a love match! Her father was the oldest son of a wealthy Viscount, her grandfather disowned him, for marrying her French Mother, who happened to be a famous Opera Singer. The three of them traveled the European Continent, and were a very happy family. Then came, in our terms, probably a vicious flu, which killed both of her parents.  Her fathers will  made her Grandfather, the Viscount, her guardian. He wanted nothing to do with her, so, he enrolled her in the most prestigious school for young girls of the ton, or parents, who were wealthy cit. While at school, she made lifelong friends with Eliza, whose father was a wealthy merchant, and Lady Georgiana.

The only way Sophie knew how to make money, to support herself, was playing cards. Her grandfather had cut her off, the minute that she graduated from school. Her father had taught her how to play cards, she also had a good head for math. Sophie’s goal was to make ten thousand dollars, look for a husband, who would not cheat on her, or gamble their money away. She had a plan, and was determined to stick with it!

One night while playing cards, Lord Phillip, the Duke of Ware’s younger brother continued to make a nuisance of himself, Sophie was embarrassed, and becoming angry. She decides to play hazard, something she never played, she knew however, that Philip would lose, and hopefully leave her alone. In walks the most handsome man that she had ever seen, he was angry, and basically called her out for fleecing his younger brother. The Duke of Ware himself, looking like nothing his brother had described. This is where the great story begins!

I don’t like giving away spoilers, however, the one problem I have with the book is, she has never been married, she does eventually tell the Duke this. What I think is strange, she is not a virgin, and they never discussed it! This did ruin Sophie’s personality for me. That, and they never discuss it! I did deduct a Pearl for that. Otherwise, I cannot wait until the next one, in this series!

I Highly Recommend! Thanks! Enjoy!